2023-10-05 Newsletter

Awesome Upcoming LA Tech Events


As always, check out these great IRL opportunities coming up in LA:

🌴 In-Person Events in Los Angeles

⛓️ More Blockchain Week today in Venice:

💻️ Builders collaborate: collaborate on AI projects and learn about an interesting ML topic:

☕️ Kick off every Wednesday in Venice with coffee, community, and a special twist each week:

🌇 Startups get together on the Eastside:

🧬 LA BioTech Week is coming up:

🤖 Special AI meets Hollywood live podcast event coming up on Nov 14:

🌁 Special Opportunity in SF

Tickets almost sold out at The First TED AI: in San Francisco on Oct 17-18!

Dive into the world of AI with top industry speakers demystifying complex AI concepts. With discussions on integrating language into nonbiological entities and more, this event promises an enlightening journey into the future of AI. 🧠

💼 Partner Highlight

Rocket Design 🚀 

Design Reimagined: A monthly subscription for unlimited design services.

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