2023-09-27 Newsletter

Awesome Upcoming LA Tech Events

GM! Want to tune into a new live show about Science and Technology?

Smarter with Science

A new series exploring the cutting edge of scientific research and making advancements in technology understandable to everyone.

Next show: Wed 9/27, 10:30am on Twitter Spaces

As always, check out these great IRL opportunities coming up in LA:

🌴 In-Person Events in Los Angeles

⛓️ Don’t miss this special event on 10/2. Tickets are going fast and it may hit capacity early:

☕️ Kick off every Wednesday in Venice with coffee, community, and a special twist each week:

🛩️ Take off with a unique opportunity from Starburst:

🌇 Startups get together on the Eastside:

🧬 LA BioTech Week is coming up:

💼 Partner Highlight

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